Some say fishing in Ireland is better than anywhere else, and there are few nicer bases to set out from than the Waterfront Hotel.  The Rosses is an area blessed with water. There are over one hundred and thirty lakes concentrated here. Most of them are connected by three main rivers, the Crolly, the Owenamarve and the Dungloe, the little Dungloe River runs through a couple of lakes before it enters the sea. Though it seems very small, the deep pools hold sea trout in the summer months.  Just a short drive away, there are plenty of excellent opportunities to catch trout and salmon, as well as numerous sheltered bays and inlets for beach fishing. 

The Waterfront Hotel offer special rates for group business.  Fish or no fish in hand, you’ll be able to enjoy our very own freshly caught wild Atlantic salmon, cooked to perfection and served in our seafood restaurant.

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